Conference Papers

A1988 ‘Beyond Jazz Improvisation: Melbourne, 1963’,  Symposium of the International Musicological Society’,  Victorian College of the Arts

1992 ‘Popular  Music, Militarism. Women and the Early “Brass Band’ in Australia’, International Council for Traditional Music Conference, Canberra

1994 ‘Australian Women in Performance-Time Composition: 1880-1925′, Repercussions: Australian Composing Women’s Conference,  Melbourne

1995 ‘”Breaking Out”: Oppositional Meanings in Australian Popular Music Before Jazz’, IASPM Australia-New Zealand Conference, University of Melbourne

1995  ‘Ragtime and Ragging in Australia 1899-1923’,  19th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia, University of Melbourne

1996 ‘Keith Humble: the Music-Maker with a Message’, 100 years of Music at the University of Melbourne

1999  ‘The Early “Brass Band” and Popular Music in Australia’,  19th International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Popular Music, Sydney

2000 ‘White Roots, Grey Flowers: Early Blues in Australia’,  IASPM Australia New Zealand Conference, RMIT, Sydney

2001 ‘What is Improvisation?’  24th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia, Melbourne University

2001 ‘Bringing the Outside in: Redefining Cultural Space, Significance and Utility in a Reference Work’ Cultural Studies of Australia Conference, University of Melbourne

2002 ‘The Birth and Death of an Early Australian Popular Music Industry: Dance Orchestra Music’ 8th Australia-New Zealand IASPM Conference, University of Technology, Sydney

2003 ‘How Abe Walters Became Don Carlos: Australian Construction of ‘Latin-American music’ Before Latin American Migration’ IASPM Australia/New Zealand/Creative Cultures Committee Conference, University of South Australia, Adelaide

2003 ‘Towards an Early History of Jazz in New Zealand: Problems and Solutions’ MSA/IASPM Conference, Victoria University, Wellington

2003 ‘Swing ‘Em to the Fiddle’: Modern Western Square Dancing and Music in 1950s Australia’ (& Aline Scott-Maxwell), Australian Institute of Country Music Conference, Gympie

2003 ‘Our Jazz Making Tools and How We Chose to Use Them’ (Keynote response paper) Inaugural Asia-Pacific Jazz Conference, Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music with Hamilton Island Resort, Hamilton Island

2004 ‘Continental Music as an Early ‘Multicultural Influence’ on Australian Popular Music’, SIMS

2004. International Musicological Society Conference (Combined with IASPM Australia/New Zealand), Victorian College of the  Arts

2004 ‘Hillbilly, Cowboy and Western Music as Urban Popular Entertainment’, Australian Institute of Country Music Conference, Gympie

2005 ‘Improvised Music: A Challenge for Tertiary Education’,  Symposium on Improvised Music, Victorian College of the Arts

2005 ‘The Italian Touch: ‘Latin’ Music In Australia before Multiculturalism’ IASPM Australia / New Zealand Conference,< Victoria University, Wellington

2006 ‘The Tango Touch: Australian Imaginings of ‘Gypsies’ in Popular Music and Dance Before Multiculturalism and ‘World Music’ , IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference, JMC Academy, Sydney

2006 ”The Tango Touch: Australian Imaginings of ‘Gypsies’ in Popular Music Before Multiculturalism and ‘World Music’ 29th National MSA Conference, University of New England, Armidale

2007, Making Gemütlichkeit: Bavarian-Style Music and Dance in German-Speaking Community and Commercial Popular Entertainment’ 2007 Australia/New Zealand IASPM Conference, University of Otago

2007,’The Tango Touch: Exoticised and Italianised Hispanic Music in Australia 1932-1972, Symposium: Exoticism, Identity and Constructions of Hispanic Music Hosted by the Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne,

2008,Kookaburra Samba: Mainstream and Non-Mainstream Interpretations of Hispanic Music and Dance in Pre-Multicultural Australia’ 2008, Australia/New Zealand IASPM Conference, Queenland Conservatorium, Griffith, University

2008 ‘Kookaburra Samba: Mainstream and Non-Mainstream Interpretations of Hispanic Music and Dance in Pre-Multicultural Australia’, 2008 31 National Conference, University of Melbourne

2008 ‘Dr. Val Stephen: a ‘Gentleman Amateur’ in Australian Electronic Music Experiment of the 1960s’ MSA National Conference, Newcastle Conservatorium

2010,’Some More Bagels and Bongos: The Jewish-Latin Connection in Australian Popular and Light Music History’, 2010 Australia/New Zealand Conference, Monash Conference Centre, Melbourne

2011, Take Me To Spain”: ‘Spanish Music and Dance in Australia from the Early Colonial Popular Stage to Post-WW2 Cabaret-Restaurant Entertainment’, 2011 IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference, Wellington

2012,’Mambo Italiano: The Sounds of 1960s Italian-Australian Brunswick’, public lecture, Brunswick Town Hall, Melbourne

2012 ‘Ginger Megs Meets the Peanut Vendor: “Tropical” Hispanic Music and Dance in Australian Popular Entertainment, 1930s-1960s’, IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference

2012, ‘”The Spanish Woman”, Lola Montez and Escuela Bolera in Colonial Australia’ at the Symposium: Spanish Musics and their [Western] Others at the University of Melbourne                  

2013, Fisarmonica italiana in the Golden Age of the Piano-Accordion in Australia, 7th Biennial Conference of IASPM, Gijón, Spain, 24th to 28th June (unable to attend)

2013, “The Tango” in Australia as Popular Entertainment and Music of “Place”’, 2013 IASPM Australia/NZ Conference, Brisbane, December

2014, ‘What Were the “German Bands” of Pre-WW1 Australian Street Life’, Street Music Conference Dec. 1-2, 2014, Monash University, Melbourne

2014, ‘Latin Influence on Jazz-Related Music in Australia 1912-1970s’, 2014 IASPM Australia/NZ Conference, Dunedin, Nov. 27-30

2015, ‘Black American Performers of Repute in Australian Popular Music Before Jazz’, 2015 IASPM Australia/NZ conference, Canberra, Dec.3-6

2016,’Sounding the Silence of the Guitar in Australian Musical Entertainment, Culture and Society Before the Jazz Age’, INSTRUMENT OF CHANGE: The International Rise of the Guitar (c. 1870-1945).; Melbourne University, 9-11 December, 2016

2017, “Keith Humble and Exploratory Music: a Tribute”, Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (and Keith Humble Commemorative Concert), 1-4 September, 2017

2018, ‘Duo Moreno’ and their Construction of a Pan-Italian Musical Identity’ : Diaspore Italiane-Italy in Movement: a Conference on Three Continents (Australia, United States, Italy) 5 April – 7 April 2018.

2018, ‘”A Halo of Romance Around Them”: the “Spanish Students” in Colonial Australia’, Spain and Constructions of Musical Exoticism, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne, 26 November, 2018

2019, ‘Why The Tango-Rag? an Interrupted Revolution in Early Australian Popular Music and Dance’, Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music Studies, XX Biennial IASPM Conference School of Music, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, 24–28 June 2019

2019, ‘The Introduction of flamenco guitar (toque) and flamenco guitar recital music (guitarra flamenca de concierto) to Australia’, The Guitar Century (c. 1880-1980): Global Trends and Local Contexts, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM), Ian Potter Southbank Centre, 2-4 August, 2019

2019, Keynote (joint), ‘”Carving that Turkey”: Researching Music through Connecting, Collecting and Collaborating’, Beyond the Beat: Taking Music Libraries to our Users, IAML Australia Conference, Melbourne, 2-4 October, 2019

2019, ‘Improvisatory Music’ in Australia before Jazz Investigated Through the Trove Digitised Australian Newspaper Database’, 42nd MSA National Conference: Conflict-/-Collaboration, Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University Clayton Campus, 5-7 December, 2019

2020 ‘”In The Gypsy Manner” Continental Music in Australian Pre and Post-War Musical and Social History’, 2020 MSA Conference 3-5 December, Melbourne Conservatorium

2022  ‘Rag-Time Australia’: Music, Dance, Race, Revolution and War Before Australia’s Jazz Age’, Connecting into a Forgotten  Realm of Australian Popular Music  Studies. IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference.