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The Tango Touch

‘Continental’ and Latin Influences on Popular Music and Dance in Australia before ‘Multiculturalism’

‘Rag-Time Australia’ Music, Dance, Race and Revolution Before Australia’s Jazz Age

Aline Scott-Maxwell and John Whiteoak,Volare: Popular Modernity and Tradition in Italian-Australian Musical Entertainment and Music-Making.

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Fisarmonica italiana in Australia.



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Brass Bands in Colonial New South Wales A Social History

Mark Pinner,,  Fernmill Books



Australian Imaginings of Spain Through Music and Dance, Melbourne, Lyrebird Press


Editor & Publisher

Keith Humble, Music and Me: Memories of a Shared Life

Jill Humble: Fernmill Books


General Editor with Aline Scott-Maxwell, and the major contributor


Playing Ad Lib

Improvisatory Music in Australia, 1836-1970, Sydney: Currency Press







‘Jazz Diaspora, Latin Musical Influences and Australia’, Routledge Companion to Diasporic Jazz Studies

Aline Scott-Maxwell and John Whiteoak, ‘Diverse Musics: Shaping music through cultural difference’ (Continental European and Asian Migrant Influences on music in Australia), Cambridge Companion to Australian Music

Review: Harlem Nights the Secret History of Australia’s Jazz Age by Deidre O’Connell, Melbourne University Press for Australian Book Review

‘Reframing the “What is Jazz”? Puzzle: Diasporic “Jazz-Related” Performance and Patronage in Australia’ before “Jazz”, Special ‘Jazz Diaspora’ issue of Popular Music and Society (UK)

Aline Scott-Maxwell and John Whiteoak ‘Tango Ragging, Terang Bulan and Gerty Stewart’s bound album: music collecting for musicological and ethnomusicological research’, Rosemary Richards (ed) Owner-Bound Music Collections in Australia and New Zealand, Melbourne, Lyrebird Press.

Dance Band Music in Australasia’ in Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World(Volume XIII: International Genres), John Shepherd & David Horn (eds.), London: Bloomsbury Publishing (UK).

“In the Gypsy Manner”: “Continental Music” in Pre-and Post-World War Two Australian Musical and Social History’ Sarah Kirby, John Gabriel and Kerry Murphy (eds) Australasian Music Home and Abroad.

IN Print

2021 ‘Why The Tango-Rag? an Interrupted Revolution in Early Australian Popular Music and Dance’, International Institute for Popular Culture Series.

2020 ‘Improvisatory Music in Australia before Jazz Investigated Through Trove Digitised Australian Newspaper Database’, Context 46

2019 “Take Me To Spain” Australian Imaginings of Spain Through Music and Dance, Melbourne: Lyrebird Press

2018 ‘”A Good Black Music Story” Black American Peformers of Repute in Australian Popular Music Before Jazz’,Popular Music, Stars and Stardom, Samantha Bennett, Stephen Loy and Julie Rickwood (eds), Canberra: ANU Press

2018 Introductory essay and 24 short biographical essays on Australian women composers and artists in Women’s Contributions to Music in the Australian and Korean Contexts Exhibition Catalogue,The Music Archive of Monash University (MAMU)

2017 ‘What Were the “German Bands” of Pre-WW1 Australian Street Life’, Ninteenth Century Music Review15(1)

2015 ‘Latin Influence on Jazz-Related Music in Australia 1912-1970s’, Jennifer Cattermole, Henry Johnson, Oli Wilson (eds),Into the Mix: People, Places , Processes,Dunedin:IASPM-ANZ 2015

2015 ‘Demons of Discord Down Under: From “Jump Jim Crow” to “Australia’s First Jazz Band”‘ in Bruce Johnson (ed) Antipodean Riffs: Essays on Australasian Jazz, Sheffield UK: Equinox Publishing,. 2015

2015 ‘White Roots, Grey Flowers: Early Australian “Jazz” and Pre-“Jazz” History Reinterpreted’, Musicology Australia 37(2) December

2015 ‘Demons of Discord Down Under: From “Jump Jim Crow” to “Australia’s First Jazz Band”‘ (special Australia issue of Jazz Research Journal (UK) edited by Bruce Johnson

2015 ‘Ragtime, Jazz, Improvisatory Music and Percy Grainger’s Unwritten Music, Suzanne Robinson and Kay Dreyfus (eds.),Grainger the Modernist, London, Ashgate

2014 “The Tango” in Australia as Popular Entertainment and Music and Dance of “Place”’, In Jadey O’Regan and Toby Wren, Communities, Places, Ecologies, Brisbane: IASPM ANZ IASPM Australia/NZ Conference, Brisbane, December

2013 ‘Ginger Megs Meets the Peanut Vendor: “Tropical” Hispanic Music and Dance in Australian Popular Entertainment’, 1930s-1960s’, Oli Wilson and Sarah Atfield, Shifting Sounds, Musical Flow, Dunedin: IASPM Australia New Zealand

2013 ‘The Toppano Brothers, Italian Historical Society Journal 21

2012 ‘ “Take Me To Spain”: ‘Spanish’ Music and Dance in Australia from the Early Colonial Popular Stage to Post-WW2 Cabaret-Restaurant Entertainment’, Liz Guiffre and Penny Spiro (eds), Routes, Roots and Routines: Selected Proceedings from the 2011 IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference, Wellington: IASPM

2012, ‘Collecting and Using Sheet Music’,Biblionews 374 June

2012, ‘Professional Italian-Australian Accordionists and the “Golden Age” of the Piano Accordion in Australia’, in Linda Barwick and Marcello Sorce Kellor (eds), Italy in Australia’s Musical Landscape, Lyebird Press, Melbourne.

2012 ‘Italian-Australian Musicians, ‘Argentino’Tango Bands and the Australian Tango Band Era’ in Context 35/36.

2011 ‘Vale Peter Piccini A Tribute To One Of The Most Gifted Italian-Australian Accordionists by John Whiteoak’,Italian Historical Society Journal 19

(2011) ‘Some More Bagels and Bongos: the Jewish-Latin Connection in Australian Popular and Light Music History’, Jen Cattermole, Shane Homan, Graeme Smith (eds.)Instruments of Change IASPM Australia-New Zealand Conference Proceedings, 24-26 November 2010, Monash University, Melbourne

2010 Whiteoak and Aline Scott-Maxwell, ‘Cha-Cha-Cha to Ciuff Ciuff:Modernity, Tradition and the Italian-Australian Popular Music Scene of the 1960s,Musicology Australia 32(2)

2010 ‘Dr. Val Stephen: a ‘Gentleman Amateur’ in Australian Electronic Music Experiment of the 1960s’ ,Musicology Australia32(2)

2009 (researched/compiled by jw) ‘An Accordionist’s Story by Eric di Losa’, Italian Historical Society Journal 17.

2009 Kookaburra Samba: Mainstream and Non-Mainstream Interpretations of Hispanic  Music and Dance in Pre-Multicultural Australia: 1850s-1970s’ Stuck in the Middle: The Mainstream and its Discontents: Proceedings of the 2008 Australia/New Zealand Conference, Griffith University, 28-30 November 2008

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2008 ‘Family, Friendship and a Magic Carpet: The Music of Franco Cambareri’ in Italian Historical Society Journal  vol 16.

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2008 ‘Improvisation in Popular Music (historical overview and case study: The Necks)’   Tony Mitchell and Shane Homan (eds Sound of Then, Sounds of Now:  Popular Music in Australia,Hobart ACYS Publishing

2008 ‘Making Gemütlichkeit: Bavarian-Style Music and Dance in German-Speaking Community and Commercial Popular Entertainment’ in Dan Bendrups ed., Music on the Edge: Proceedings from the 2007 Australia/New Zealand IASPM Conference, University of Otago, University of Otago/IASPM

2008  “Play to Me Gypsy”: Australian Imaginings of “Gypsies” in Popular Music and Dance Before Muliticulturalism and World Music’,  Ian Collison and Mark Evans eds. Selected Proceedings from the 2006 Australia/New Zealand IASPM Conference, JMC Academy, Sydney Perfect Best Publications/IASPM

(2008)  ‘Bounty Chords: Music, Dance and Cultural Heritage on Norfolk and Pitcairn Islands by Philip Hayward’ (regular review) in Perfect Beat the Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture  9(1) Jan 2008

2007 ‘Australian Music: Music of Place or Music of a People’  (feature article) Review: Centre for studies in Australian Music 21  

2007  ‘Mambo Italiano:  Ugo Ceresoli and his Orchestra Mokambo’  in Italian Historical Society Journal  vol 15

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2004′The Cambridge Companion to Jazz’ (feature review) in Perfect Beat the Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture 7(1) 

2004  ‘Our Jazz-Making Tools and How We Chose to Use Them’  (Keynote Response to Bruce Johnson’s Keynote Address: ‘Tools Not of Our Making: Shaping Australian Jazz History’) in The History and Future of Jazz in the Asia Pacific Region: Refereed Proceeeding of the Inuagural Asia-Pacific Jazz Conference (September 12th-14th 2003), McKay, Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music  

2004 (with Aline Scott-Maxwell), “Swing ‘Em to The Fiddle”: Modern Western Square Dancing and Music in 1950s Australia’ in Philip Hayward and Geoff Walden eds, Roots and Crossovers: Australian Country Music vol. 2, Gympie, Australian Institute of Country Music Press

2004 (Margaret Kartomi, John Whiteoak and Kay Dreyfus, ) ‘From Berlin to Bondi: the Flight of the Weintraub Syncopators’ Heat 6

2004 Whiteoak, John,‘Pity the Bandless Towns’  Australia’s Band World, February 2004: 9-12, March 2004

2003  ‘Pity the Bandless Towns’: Banding in Australian Rural Communities Before World War Two’, Rural Society 13(3)

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2001 ‘Ill Behaved and Unwhipped: Early Sol-Fa Training,’ Oral Majority (Sydney) 62, June

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not  updated since  2001 since most of the more recent  publications can accessed via free or pay online providers)

2001 ‘Songs on His Fingers’ (Notes on Leslie Clarke the Finger Music Man) ABC Australia Ad Lib Project

2001 ‘The Cairo Club Orchestra’

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